Saint Petersburg 1877

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Chigorin, Mikhail    2524 (62) 4.5 /
Schiffers, Emanuel    2499 (57) 4 /
Asharin, Andreas    2433 (67) 3 /
Clemenz, Hermann    2338 (77) 1.5 /
Alapin, Semyon    2408 (68) 1 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Saint Petersburg Tournament
Place: Saint Petersburg
Start date: Oct. 1877
End date: Dec. 1877
This was intended to be a two-round all-play-all between 5 players, but only 14 of the 20 games were actually played. Gaige gives what appears to be a partial result, before the event was finished, and dated 1876 (from the Baltische Schachblatter, vol.5, p.13), as does Sericano. Di Felice gives both the result from Gaige, with date '1877 (1876?)' and the complete result as if it were a separate event. The biography of Chigorin by Jimmy Adams gives Chigorin's result but dated 1876. The true situation is given in the Sept./Oct. and Nov./Dec. issues of Shakhmatniy Listok (sent to me by Geert Van der Wulp). The tournament was played between Oct. and Dec. 1877. Some small tournaments were played in Saint Petersburg in 1876, but these were different events.
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Tournament information updated: 5 Sept. 2020