Boston, Massachusetts 1858

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Ware, Preston    2150 (61) 1 /
Richardson, Horace    2076 (98) 0 /
Weller, Edwin    2 /
Weston, Lyman    0 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Boston Club Tournament
Place: Boston, Massachusetts
Start date: Mar. 1858
End date: May 1858
Only partial results available. This was a 16-player knockout tournament. Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper of 13 Mar. 1858 gives the first round pairings and says that 'Some of the players will give odds, but the majority will play even. The New York Clipper of 6 Mar. 1858 says that it was underway, so it probably started in early March (or perhaps late February). The New York Clipper of 20 Mar. 1858 and 3 Apr. 1858 each have win (played even) by 'E.J.W.' (Edwin J. Weller) over 'L.B.M.' (sic; Lyman B. Weston). I record this as a 2-0 result, as it was likely a 3-game mini-match, but it is not clear whether or not Weston won a game or whether there were draws. The New York Clipper of 1 May 1858 says that the third round pairings were Ware-Richardson, and 'Cambridge'-'Mr.C.', and that Ware had beaten Richardson in 'the 1st of these matches' (is this the first game, or the match between them?). The player nicknamed 'Cambridge' may be John Schouler of West Cambridge, Massachusetts. The player nicknamed 'Mr. C.' could be John F. Currier, or J. Randolph Coolidge (but probably not Leister M. Clark, who was paired with Richardson in the first round and apparently lost). We can assume Ware and Richardson played even. It also says that John Schouler won his first game against Wm. H. Kent, and we can deduce that Schouler won the match if he is indeed 'Cambridge', but it is not clear whether odds were involved here. Similarly Richardson was paired in the first round with Leister M. Clark, and must have won, since he went on to later rounds, but again odds are not clear. Curiously, Ware is not mentioned in the initial pairings for the first round. Perhaps someone withdrew and Ware took their place.
   [FLIN], 13 Mar. 1858
   [NYC], 6 Mar. 1858
   [NYC], 13 Mar. 1858
   [NYC], 20 Mar. 1858
   [NYC], 3 Apr. 1858
   [NYC], 1 May 1858

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