Berlin 1839

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Mayet, Carl    2561 (60) 6.5 / 11 
von Bilguer, Paul    2531 (69) 4.5 / 11 
Hanstein, Wilhelm    2541 (62) 6.5 / 11 
Mayet, Carl    2561 (60) 4.5 / 11 
Bledow, Ludwig    2582 (64) 6 / 11 
Mayet, Carl    2561 (60) 5 / 11 
von Bilguer, Paul    2531 (69) 5.5 / 11 
Hanstein, Wilhelm    2541 (62) 5.5 / 11 
von Bilguer, Paul    2531 (69) 5.5 / 11 
Bledow, Ludwig    2582 (64) 5.5 / 11 

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Berlin Tournament
Place: Berlin
Start date: 1839
End date: 1839
These are soft results and only partial. Bledow, Hanstein, Mayet, von Bilguer and von der Lasa agreed to each play 50 games against each of the others. The report by von der Lasa translated and paraphrased by Falkbeer in the Sunday Times of 9 Aug. 1857 (supplement, p.4) says that von Bilguer lost 'by a considerable number of games against Mayet; and made even games with Hanstein and Bledow, whilst the two last won against Mayet.' The original by von der Lasa (p.21) says that Hanstein had the advantage over Mayet, but says nothing about Bledow against Mayet, though perhaps Falkbeer knew more about the event. Von der Lasa also says that in general Hanstein, even more than Bledow, was slightly stronger, but the ratio of results between any two of the players was rarely more than 6-5 (or 54.5%-45.5%), and even when that occurred it was sometimes later reversed. Von der Lasa says that Bledow and von Bilguer did not finish their games against all other opponents, and I don't know the actual scores out of 50 games, but using this additional information about ratios, I have constructed approximate results for the pairings mentioned with ratios consistent with von der Lasa's statements. I record 6.5-4.5 for Mayet over von Bilguer, which is about 59.1% for Mayet, a bit more than the 6-5 ratio (54.5%) since Mayet won by 'a considerable number of games' out of 50 (in fact this percentage would correspond to about a 9 game advantage in 50 games, i.e. 29.5-20.5), 6-5 for Bledow over Mayet (because Falkbeer says that Bledow beat Mayet, and von der Lasa at least hints that Bledow was slightly stronger), 6.5-4.5 for Hanstein against Mayet (because von der Lasa says that Hanstein did even better against the others than Bledow did, but we know that both were even with von Bilguer), and 5.5-5.5 for von Bilguer against Hanstein and against Bledow. We are not told how Hanstein did directly against Bledow in the 50-round tournament, or anything about how von der Lasa did (though there is information about later 50-game matches between some of these players, including von der Lasa, but these are reported separately here).
   von der Lasa, Berliner Schach-Erinnerungen, page 21
   [ST], no. 1790, 9 Aug. 1857, page supp.4
   [SZ], vol. 12, no. 5, May 1857, page 150

Tournament information updated: 2 Oct. 2023