Jackson 1869

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
de Normandie, K.D.    2017 (151) 2.5 /
Harding, Henry    2020 (112) 1.5 /
Michaelis, Otho    2306 (81) 1 /
Swan, John    0 /
Smith, Harsen    2276 (73) 1 /
Swan, John    0 /
Michaelis, Otho    2306 (81) 1 /
Smith, Harsen    2276 (73) 0 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Michigan State Tournament - First Class
Place: Jackson
Start date: 1869
End date: Feb. 1869
Neil Brennan suggests that this was a round robin tournament, but the report in The Round Table of 13 Feb. 1869 is clear that this was to be a knockout tournament with 10 players, two wins to decide each pairing, at least until 3 players were left. The report in the New York Clipper of 6 Feb. 1869 lists only 9 players, so presumably one player didn't play in the end. The copy of this report at the Jack O'Keefe archive website is hard to read, and some of the scores are not legible. In any case, it only lists numbers of wins, draws and losses of each player, not who played who. It is not possible from this information to deduce the full sequence of results. The numbers of wins accrued by Smith and Michaelis (6 and 7 respectively) are hard to reconcile with 2 wins per pairing unless the final pool of three players played more games. The first round would have reduced the number of players to 5 (one getting a bye), and the second round would have reduced it to 3 (one getting a bye). At the time of this report, Smith and Michaelis had still to play off for the first prize. We don't know scores of individual pairings, so we cannot rate most of these results. I suspect, though, that De Normandie played Harding in the first round and won +2-1=1. The reasoning is as follows: only 4 players scored less than 2 wins, including Harding, who is listed with what looks like +1-1=1, but might have been +1-2=1 (the 1 win seems clear at least); thus, these were the four losers in the first round; De Normandie's score looks pretty clear as +3-3=2; thus, De Normandie did not lose in round 1, but must have lost in round 2, since he was not one of the 3 to go on to the final pool; thus, he must have scored +2-1 in the first round and -2+1 in the second, apart from draws; the only losing player to score a win in the first round was Harding, so I guess that Harding played De Normandie in round 1 and that the score was +2-1=1 for De Normandie. I also guess that Swan got the bye in the first round, since it was not De Normandie, nor C.W. Pedny (who scored +2-2=1 overall, and thus must have played in both of the first two rounds), nor one of the four first round losers, and Smith and Michaelis ended up with more wins than would be feasible if they skipped the first round. Thus, the other three winners in the first round (aside from De Normandie) were Pedny, Smith and Michealis, but which played which of the other three losers (E.C. Nichols, M. Derenberg, and W. L--nfeld) is not clear. All three scores were +2-0=0. This would have left the five players, Michaelis, Smith, Swan, De Normandie, and Pedny to compete in the second round, but now it becomes very unclear who played who and scored what, though De Normandie and Pedny lost in the second round, leaving Michaelis, Smith and Swan for the final pool. Overall, Swan lost to both Michaelis and Smith, I presume, since they were left for the final play-off, and Michaelis won in the end against Smith (the New York Clipper of 27 Mar. 1869 gave the opposite result for the final, but this was corrected in the issue of 3 Apr. 1869). Thus, I will include soft results of 1-0 for those three pairings to be conservative, though more games were certainly played, including a lot of draws. A game Smith-Swan is given in the New York Clipper of 27 Mar. 1869.
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