Detroit 1870

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Elder, Frederick    2403 (73) 1 /
Swan, Henry    0 /
Elder, Frederick    2403 (73) 1 /
Judd, Max    2342 (59) 0 /
Elder, Frederick    2403 (73) 1 /
Feldner, E.    1836 (162) 0 /
Judd, Max    2342 (59) 1 /
Feldner, E.    1836 (162) 1 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Michigan State Tournament
Place: Detroit
Start date: 18 Jan. 1870
End date: Feb. 1870
The New York Clipper of 25 Dec. 1869 says that this tournament was to be held in Detroit starting 18 Jan. 1870. Neil Brennen says that it took place in Jackson. It was an all-play-all of 15 players, but the crosstable is not known. According to Brennen, Elder won with 13 points, and did not play his 14th opponent, though that player is not identified. We have his win against second-place finisher, H.H. Swan, so we know that game took place and can record it for rating, since there is no danger of misrepresenting results by selective bias (he beat everyone he played). There was a play-off between Feldner and Judd for 3rd, which Brennen suggests was won by Feldner, based on a faulty report in the Jewish Encyclopedia, which says Judd came 4th in 1869, though Judd was not in the 1869 event. The New York Clipper of 26 Feb. 1870 says that Judd won the play-off and took 3rd prize, and Feldner took 4th. Brennen gives a game won by Feldner over Judd, but this could have been in the main tournament, not the play-off game. So I will record the result between these two players as 1-1. It seems clear that the player whom Elder did not play could not have been Feldner or Judd, since they would not have been stated to have tied for 3rd and 4th if one of them had not yet played Elder. So I will also record wins by Elder against these two. Harsen D. Smith came 5th, but we cannot yet be sure that he played Elder, so I do not record a win by Elder against him. The date of the report in the New York Clipper on the outcome of the tie suggests that the play-off took place in Feb. 1870.
   [NYC], 25 Dec. 1869
   [NYC], 12 Feb. 1870
   [NYC], 26 Feb. 1870
   Brennen, Neil.  [Supporting Chess: The Michigan State Chess Association of 1869-1870]

Tournament information updated: 16 May 2018