Glasgow 1884 (1)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Crum, John    2163 (64) 7 /
Fraser, George    2172 (51) 6.5 /
Spens, Walter    2062 (42) 6 /
Forsyth, David    2011 (57) 5 /
Andrews, G. (1)    2066 (76) 4.5 /
Mills, Daniel    2204 (41) 4.5 /
Gilchrist, John    2061 (53) 4 /
McLeod, James    1984 (65) 3 /
Chambers, John    1939 (52) 2.5 /
Fyfe, Peter    1970 (51) 2 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: 1st Scottish Championship
Place: Glasgow
Start date: 21 July 1884
End date: 25 July 1884
Gaige has 'Cilchrist' at this event, but the British Chess Magazine has 'Gilchrist', and Di Felice and McGowan have John Gilchrist. Di Felice has 'Andrews, Henry John Clinton' here, but this is very unlikely, as H.J.C. Andrews was primarily a problem composer, not a player, and was based in London, with no connection to Scotland, as far as I am aware. Gaige has only 'Andrews'. McGowan identifies him as 'G. Andrews', and Saunders says that 'G. Andrews' was a pseudonym for George Andrew Thomson, though on what basis is not clear. Andrew Hunter is listed in some sources as 'Andrews' at Glasgow 1875, which could be a typographical error or could mean that Hunter used 'Andrews' as a pseudonym. It is unlikely to be Hunter here, however, since the Chess Player's Chronicle says that Andrews would have preferred to play in the Minor Tournament, but agreed to play in the Major Tournament at the request of the committee, and Hunter was too strong for that. I will guess that this was indeed the G. Andrews who wom the Minor Tournament in 1888, and I will not identify him with George Andrew Thomson, without more convincing evidence.
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Tournament information updated: 19 Aug. 2022