San Francisco 1859 (3)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Tyler, George    5 /
Dow, G.G.    4 /
Bowman (1)    5 /
Nourse, J.P.    3 /
Swasey    3 /
Dewey (1)    2 /
Dawson (2)    1 /
Johns, W.B.    1 /
Kemp (1)    0 /
Carlton    0 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Cosmopolitan Club Tournament - Second Class, First Division
Place: San Francisco
Start date: 2 May 1859
End date: July 1859
Only a partial crosstable is available, with results up to the report in the Daily Alta California of 29 May 1859. Pincus, Rose, Lupton, and Rosenbaum were in the original list of participants for this Division, but had not played any games up to 29 May, and so are not included here. The winner (Tyler) was announced in the 31 July 1859 issue of the Daily Alta California, as well as the fact that Dow tied his score but did not play a play-off against Tyler. Dow was originally listed amongst the 2nd Class, 2nd Division players, but then appears with results in the 2nd Class, 1st Division. Carlton, who is also listed originally in the 2nd Class, 2nd Division, then appears with a loss to Dow in the 2nd Class, 1st Division, but still appears with a loss to Bartlett in the 2nd Class, 2nd Division. Perhaps Dow played his game against Carlton in the 2nd Division event and then was transferred to the 1st Division?
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