Elizabeth 1886

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Stokes, Edward    1883 (173) 1 /
Pope, Ralph    1828 (150) 0 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: 1st New Jersey State Tournament
Place: Elizabeth
Start date: 22 Feb. 1886
End date: 22 Feb. 1886
This was a 38- to 41-player tournament that took place in one long day (the Newark Sunday Call of 28 Feb. 1886 says 39 but lists 38, the History of the New Jersey Chess Association by Duncan S. Walker says 40 and lists 40, but with H.H. Copeland listed twice, who is one of the two not listed in the Newark Sunday Call, the other being Peniston). Each player played eight games against other players 'paired by lot'. The report in the Newark Sunday Call of 28 Feb. 1886 gives the names of all the players and tells us that E.C. Stokes and Thomas Loyd came out with scores of 8-0 each, R.B. Keyes was next with 7-1, followed by Nelson P. Howell tied with Max Puegner. The only specific result given is the game Stokes-Keyes, won by Stokes. This does not bias Stokes' score, since he lost no games, but is probably not representative of Keyes' score, so there is some selection bias, but nevertheless, it gives an indication of Stokes' strength in relation to Keyes, so I include it for rating here.
   [NSC], 28 Feb. 1886

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