Glasgow 1888 (2)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Mackenzie, George    2584 (35) 5 /
Barbier, Georges    2160 (57) 4 /
Mills, Daniel    2329 (46) 4 /
Fyfe, Peter    2016 (66) 2.5 /
Hunter, Andrew    2202 (53) 1.5 /
Chambers, John    1994 (51) 1 /
Spens, Walter    1974 (52) 1 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: 5th Scottish Championship
Place: Glasgow
Start date: 17 July 1888
End date: 21 July 1888
Gaige (who cites the British Chess Magazine) and Di Felice show unplayed and unscored games between Hunter and both Chambers and Spens; McGowan (who cites the Chess Monthly) says that which games were unplayed was unclear, except that between Hunter and Spens, though 2 of Hunter's games appeared to be unplayed and he shows the other one as Hunter-Chambers, as in Gaige and Di Felice. He also indicates, however, that though Mackenzie and Barbier are recorded as scoring wins over Fyfe, these games are not recorded as losses for Fyfe and may therefore have been defaulted. Without further information, I have chosen to follow the crosstable of Gaige and Di Felice. Gaige and Di Felice give the dates as July 17-21, 1888; McGowan gives Aug. 17-21. Again, without further information, I have taken the former dates.
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