Vienna 1862

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Steinitz, Wilhelm    2548 (39) 30 / 31 
Pilhal, Eduard    2242 (164) 28 / 31 

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Vienna Free Tournament
Place: Vienna
Start date: 1 Dec. 1861
End date: Apr. 1862
Only partial results available. Harding quotes Waldheim's Illustrirte Zeitung to say that this was an all-play-all tournament with 31 members of the Vienna Club, draws not counting. Steinitz said that he played 34 games, losing only one, so Harding concludes that he won against 29 of his opponents, lost to 1, and drew 4 games that had to be replayed. However, the second prize winner, Pilhal, won against 28 opponents and lost to 3, which means 31 opponents and a total of 32 players in the tournament. The number of draws played by Pilhal is not reported. It is not clear how to resolve this discrepancy, but it should not be too great an error in the relative results of the two players to attribute Steinitz a score of 30 out of 31 (he only lost to one player), and to Pilhal 28 out of 31. Jenay and Pitschel came third and fourth, but no scores for them are reported.
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