Rio de Janeiro 1883

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Caldas Vianna, João    2123 (150) 20.5 / 22 
Pradez, Charles    1995 (160) 17.5 / 22 
Pradez, Augusto    1823 (171) 13 / 22 
Christiansen, A.    1786 (172) 11.5 / 22 
Hime, Edwin    1786 (172) 11.5 / 22 
Shannon, R.C.    1774 (173) 11 / 22 

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Club Beethoven Tournament
Place: Rio de Janeiro
Start date: 18 Jan. 1883
End date: 1 Feb. 1883
This was a 12-player double-round all-play-all tournament. The report in the 2 Feb. 1883 issue of Jornal do Commercio (p.1) gives results up to the evening before, when five players still had some games remaining to be played (S.S. Schindler, Ignacio Joaquim de Fonseca, H. Bertolini, Thomas Ellis, and Dr. Bernardo Teixeira de Carvalho). Their scores to date are given, but I cannot include them without knowing which games remained to be played. The six players given here had completed all their games. Dr. João Gonçalves de Aranjo had forfeited all his games in the second half of the tournament, but this cannot be interpreted as one game against each player, since they usually played their two games against each opponent one after the other. Gonçalves de Aranjo, for example scored 1-1 against Thomas Ellis on the first evening of the tournament. But since I don't know which players he played before withdrawing, I cannot include his score. His foreits will cause a slight error in the ratings of the listed players, some of whom may have played him, and some not, but the error will be slight.
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