New York 1893 (11)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games    Class 
Helms, Hermann    2302 (44) 4.5 /
Pollock, William    2402 (35) 4 /
Frère, Walter    2239 (47) 2 /
Karpinski, Louis    2015 (68) 1.5 /
  Odds for class difference of 1: even
  Odds for class difference of 2: pawn and move
  Odds for class difference of 3: pawn and move
  Odds for class difference of 4: pawn and two moves
  Odds for class difference of 5: a knight

Event table notes

Event data
Name: New York State Chess Association - Handicap Tournament, Final
Place: New York
Start date: 10 Aug. 1893
End date: 12 Aug. 1893
These are the results of the final, with the winners of the 4 sections. The numbers of wins, losses and draws for each are given in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, partial information is given in Hillyer, the totals are given in the American Chess Monthly, and a full crosstable is given in the New York Recorder of 18 Aug. 1893. These are consistent except in that the Brooklyn Daily Eagle shows Frère with +2-4=0, whereas Hillyer, reports in the Brooklyn Standard Daily Union, and the crosstable in the New York Recorder show that it was +1-3=2. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle also shows an extra draw between Helms and Karpinski, inconsistent with the other sources. Hilbert and Lahde say it was Thomas Frère who played at this event, but according to other sources, it was Walter Frère. Pollock was in class A1, Frère in class 1, Helms in class 2 and Karpinski in class 3. However, because I have a limitation in how my software handles the oddes between classes, I have put them in classes 0, 1, 3 and 5, respectively, so that a class difference of 1 means the game is played even (actually Pollock gave Frère odds of the draw, but that only affects how a drawn game is officially counted, not the way the game was played, so there were effectively no odds for rating purposes); a class difference of 2 or 3 means the stronger player gave Pawn and Move odds (Pollock-Helms, Frère-Helms, and Helms-Karpinski); a class difference of 4 means the stronger player gives Pawn and Two Moves (Frère-Karpinski); and a class difference of 4 means the stronger player gives Knight odds (Pollock-Karpinski).
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