New York 1875 (3)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Perrin, Frederic    2236 (52) 15 / 19 
Barnett, James    2305 (51) 17 / 22 

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Brooklyn Club Tournament
Place: New York
Start date: 31 Oct. 1874
End date: Mar. 1875
The New York Spirit of the Times of 3 Apr. 1875 gives the scores of the top three players (Perrin, Horner, and Barnett), as does van Winsen. This was a 16-player double-round all-play-all handicap tournament, but many games were not played. I will guess that the unplayed games were against tail-enders. No information on handicap classes or odds is given, other than the fact that Perrin and Barnett were in the first class (end therefore played even against each other). Horner scored 15.5 out of 20 games played, but we don't know what odds he got (if any) from Perrin and Barnett, so I can't include him here. The names of the other players are given, but without scores or handicap classes, so they cannot be included either.
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