London, England 1877 (2)

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Wayte, William    2361 (39) 0.5 /
Blunt, W.E.    1986 (126) 1.5 /
  Wayte, William gave odds of pawn and move
Minchin, James    2283 (40) 0.5 /
Mackern    2021 (170) 1.5 /
  Minchin, James gave odds of pawn and two moves
Mundell, William    2088 (101) 0.5 /
Levy, D. (1)    1901 (182) 1.5 /
  Mundell, William gave odds of pawn and two moves
Ballard, William    2321 (65) 0.5 /
Heath (1)    2074 (174) 0.5 /
  Ballard, William gave odds of pawn and move
Ballard, William    2321 (65) 0 /
Heath (1)    2074 (174) 1 /
  Ballard, William gave odds of pawn and two moves
Ehrlich (1)    1 /
Ryan (1)    2 /
  Ehrlich (1) gave odds of pawn and two moves

Event table notes

Event data
Name: West-End Club Handicap
Place: London, England
Start date: 1 Nov. 1876
End date: Feb. 1877
Only partial results available. This was a 32-player knockout handicap tournament with 2 games per pairing (or, one presumes, 2 wins if the score was 1-1 after two games). The Field of 4 Nov. 1876 gives the names and classes of all players and a detailed description of the complicated system of odds given. The Field of 25 Nov. 1876 says that Wayte, Minchin, and Mundell lost to Blunt, Mackern, and Levy, respectively, but does not give the scores. To be conservative, I assume a +1-0=1 score for the winner in each case. The Field of 3 Feb. 1877 says that Heath beat Ballard in the semi-final round, but does not give a score. To be conservative, I guess at a score of +1-0=1 for Heath. Since Ballard had to give Heath odds of Pawn and Move and Pawn and Two Moves alternately, I assume one game at each of these odds. The Field of 3 Feb. 1876 also says that Ehrlich won his first game against Ryan, but then the Field of 10 Feb. 1877 says that Ryan had beaten Ehrlich, so I presume it went +2-1=0 for Ryan. Ehrlich had to give Ryan odds of Pawn and Two Moves in all games. The results of the final for first and second prizes between Heath and Ryan and that between Ballard and Ehrlich for third and fourth prizes have not yet been found, though a single win by Ballard over Ehrlich at Pawn and Move odds is given in the 3 Mar. 1877 issue of the Field.
   [Fld], 4 Nov. 1876
   [Fld], 25 Nov. 1876
   [Fld], 2 Dec. 1876
   [Fld], 3 Feb. 1877
   [Fld], 10 Feb. 1877
   [Fld], 3 Mar. 1877

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