Paris 1933 (1)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Tonini, Alice    1866 (60) 6 /
Schwartzmann, Paulette    1834 (58) 5.5 /
d'Autremont, Jeanne    1780 (65) 6 /
Chaudé de Silans, Chantal    1732 (79) 4 /
Jacobson, Marie    1400 (92) 3 /
Pape, Louise    1506 (89) 2.5 /
Valentin, Mlle.    1440 (94) 2 /
Duelli, Mme.    1204 (104) 0 /
Locker, Mme.    0 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: French Women's Championship
Place: Paris
Start date: 2 May 1933
End date: 15 May 1933
The crosstable given by Thimognier includes Mme. Locker, who scored 0, but he notes that Mme. Locker withdrew during the course of the tournament, so we don't know how many games she actually played and lost and how many were forfeited, apart from her first round loss against Mme. d'Autremont. So I have removed her results from the crosstable, apart from that one loss; the scores of all other players are thus 1 less than in Thimognier's crosstable. Thimognier also notes that some sources say that Mme. [Mlle.?] Wallace forfeited, but clearly, the totals given do not include any games or forfeit wins against her, so I don't include her at all. She is not mentioned in the report of the first round games in the clipping Thimognier gives from Le Matin of 3 May 1833, so perhaps she withdrew before playing any games. That clipping also says that the first round games Tonini-Duelli and Schwartzmann-Jacobsen were draws, both of which contradict the crosstable. Thimognier also says that the newspaper Comoedia has Tonini-Duelli as 1-0 but also has Schwartzmann-Jacobsen as a draw (though these results do not appear in the clipping from Comoedia sent by Thimognier dated 16 May 1933). I have, however, used the crosstable as given by Thimognier, taken from L'Echiquier (1933, p.211), because, according to Thimognier, it was submitted by Mme Léon-Martin, who was the tournament organizer.
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