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 Book of the 1st American Chess Congress -Results

January 2006

6A The Grand Tournament Results at the First National Chess Congress

(from the Book of the 1st American Chess Congress, p. 259)

1st American Chess Congress; October 6 - November 10, 1857
New York, NY
16 Player, 4 Round Knockout Tournament, Pairings by Lot
First Section
Paul Morphy:                   +3-0=0
James Thompson:                +0-3=0
Judge Alexander B. Meek:       +3-2=0
William James Appleton Fuller: +2-3=0
Theodor Lichtenhein:           +3-2=0
Charles Henry Stanley:         +2-3=0
Frederick Perrin:              +3-2=2
Hubert Knott:                  +2-3=2
Dr. B. I. Raphael:             +3-2=1
Hiram Kennicott:               +2-3=1
Napoleon Marache:              +3-2=0
D. W. Fiske:                   +2-3=0
H. P. Montgomery:              +3-1=0
W. S. Allison:                 +1-3=0
Louis Paulsen:                 +3-0=0
S. R. Calthrop:                +0-3=0
Second Section
Paul Morphy:                   +3-0=0
Judge Alexander B. Meek:       +0-3=0
Theodor Lichtenhein:           +3-0=0
Frederick Perrin:              +0-3=0
Dr. Benjamin I. Raphael:       +3-2=2
Napoleon Marache:              +2-3=2
Louis Paulsen:                 +2-0=0
Hardman Philips Montgomery:    +0-2=0 (Montgomery resigned having to return to Philadelphia)
Third Section
Paul Morphy:                   +3-0=1
Theodor Lichtenhein:           +0-3=1
Louis Paulsen:                 +3-0=1
Dr. Benjamin I. Raphael:       +0-3=1
Fourth Section
Paul Morphy:                   +5-1=2
Louis Paulsen:                 +1-5=2
Theodor Lichtenhein:           +3-0=0
Dr. Benjamin I. Raphael:       +0-3=0
(Lichtenshein and Raphael playing for third place)
Final Results
 1. Paul Morphy:                      +14- 1=3 (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 2. Louis Paulsen:                    + 9- 5=3 (Dubuque, Iowa)
 3. Theodor Lichtenhein               + 8- 5=1 (New York City)
 4. Dr. Benjamin I. Raphael           + 6-10=4 (Louisville, Kentucky)
 5. Napoleon Marache:                 + 5- 5=2 (New York City)
 6. Hardman Philips Montgomery:       + 3- 3=0 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
 7. Frederick Perrin:                 + 3- 5=2 (New York City)
 8. Judge Alexander B. Meek:          + 3- 5=0 (Mobile, Alabama)
 9. Hubert Knott:                     + 2- 3=2 (Brooklyn, New York)
10. Hiram Kennicott:                  + 2- 3=1 (Chicago, Illinois)
11. William James Appleton Fuller:    + 2- 3=0 (New York City)
12. Charles Henry Stanley:            + 2- 3=0 (New York City)
13. Daniel Willard Fiske:             + 2- 3=0 (New York City)
14. William S. Allison:               + 1- 3=0 (Hastings, Minn.)
15. James Thompson:                   + 0- 3=0 (New York City)
16. Samuel Robert Calthrop:           + 0- 3=0 (Bridgeport, Conn. NY State Champion 1880)



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