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Morphy's Games of Chess


May 2, 2005


There is a new Morphy Game Collection on my Morphy Site under the link "Morphy's Games".

I would encourage anyone interested in Paul Morphy to go check it out. An acquaintance of mine, traveling by the name "ckr", created the collection or compilation. When I see the name "ckr", my mind reads "cracker", so I think of the file as the Cracker File.

Why should you explore the Cracker File?

Unlike most digital files, and even collections found in books, particularly dealing with 19th century players, this collection of all known Morphy games has been carefully scrutinized in great detail assuring a high degree of accuracy with a low potential for error. The file is in chronological order, each game carefully dated, unless impossible, with most of the discrepancies that plague other files dealt with head on. Inserted into the .pgns are historical references that give added meaning to many of the games. Each game is also referenced to it's location in other compilations for comparison purposes.

No other Morphy collection comes even close to this quality.



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