Kieseritzky, L.A.B.F. – Saint-Leon, M. 1849 (5)

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Kieseritzky, Lionel    2549 (43) 2/
Saint-Léon, Martin    2227 (49) 3/
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Paris
Start date: July 1849
End date: July 1849
This result is a combined score of three little matches, in which, in order to win the match, Saint-Léon had to win one game in two. The report says that he won the first two matches in two games, which I take to mean that in each case he lost the first game and won the second, and then says that he won the third little match in one game only (so he simply won the first game). This gives a combined result of +3-2 for Saint-Léon over Kieseritzky. These results were reported in the Aug. 1849 issue of La Régence (p.228), two games are given in the Sept. 1849 issue (pp.267-270) and another in the Oct. 1849 issue (pp.314-316), all dated 13 July 1849. I am guessing that all of these games were played in July 1849.
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Match information updated: 6 Apr. 2023