Runchunder, K. – Green, V. 1859

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Runchunder Kurunchiker    2481 (74) 9/13 
Green, Valentine    2253 (61) 4/13 
  Runchunder Kurunchiker gave odds of pawn and move
Status: casual

Event table notes

Event data
Place: India
Start date: 1859
End date: Apr. 1859
Partial result, though Tim Harding thinks the score given in the Sunday Times must have been close to a final score in a presumably casual series of games, as Green was back in London later in the year. End date guessed from dates of reports in the Sunday Times. An earlier game between these two players appears in the 4 Oct. 1857 issue of the Era (p.14), and two others in the 4 Apr. 1858 issue (p.13). In a letter to the Chess Player's Magazine of Apr. 1866, Green says that at odds of Pawn and Move, Runchunder 'won about four to one'. The score in the Sunday Times (1 May 1859, p.7) is +6-1=6 for Runchunder (or possibly +6-1=16 - the reproduction is not clear), so probably Green's 4 to 1 ratio was exclusive of draws. I will therefore use +6-1=6 as a representative score, though the number of draws may have been much greater and the final number of wins in a 4:1 ratio, such as +8-2=x.
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Match information updated: 5 Jan. 2017