Blackburne, J.H. – Pindar, E.D. 1862

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Blackburne, Joseph    2410 (40) 5.5/11 
Pindar, Eduard    2413 (52) 5.5/11 
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Manchester
Start date: Nov. 1861
End date: Feb. 1862
The references to the Field and the Manchester Weekly Express and Guardian come from Hindle's book. The Manchester Weekly Express and Guardian of 15 Feb. 1862 gives the result to date as +4-4=3. The match was for the first to win 5 games and Blackburne is later reported to have won the club championship, so Hindle presumes that Blackburne won one additional game (though there may have been more draws as well). Hindle found a game that he speculates might be the missing, decisive, 12th game of the match, but Tim Harding (personal communication) things this might be mistaken, so I have left the result as +4-4=3.
   Hindle, Mystery of Edward Pindar, page 58
   [Fld], 28 Nov. 1861
   [MWEG], 15 Feb. 1862
   [NYC], 26 Apr. 1862

Match information updated: 14 Nov. 2015