von der Lasa, T. – Staunton, H. 1853

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
von der Lasa, Tassilo    2616 (47) 6.5/12 
Staunton, Howard    2644 (42) 5.5/12 
Status: casual

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Brussels
Start date: Sep. 1853
End date: Sep. 1853
Feenstra Kuiper, Di Felice, Alberti and La Grande Storia degli Scacchi give +5-4=4 for von der Lasa; Sunnucks, Golombek, Hooper and Whyld, Coles in World Chess Champions, Diggle, Giffen, Kingston and Russell, Mark Weeks, and Sarah's Chess Journal give +5-4=3. Spinrad suggests that the extra draw is sometimes not counted because 'the game was abandoned because of Staunton's poor health'. Sarah's Chess Journal cites Murray as saying that the score was +5-4=3 with 1 unfinished; Tim Harding says the same. Sarah also cites von der Lasa's comments on Staunton, in which he says a dozen games were played and that one of them was played on 19 Sept. 1853, and Walker reported the series in Bell's Life in London on 25 Sept. 1853, so I guess that the entire series took place that month. The Schachzeitung of Nov. 1853 (p.337) says that the 13th game was abondoned without a decision because Staunton had to return to London at the end of September. Di Felice gives the date as Aug. 1853. Pollock's obituary of Staunton gives the date as 1852.
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