de Riviere, J.A. – Laroche, J.A. 1856

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
de Rivière, Jules    2480 (39) 15.5/35 
Laroche, Adolphe    2491 (45) 19.5/35 
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Paris
Start date: Apr. 1856
End date: June 1856
Combined result of two matches? Staunton, in the Illustrated London News of 19 Apr. 1856 (p.411) says that Laroche had arrived in Paris and there was talk of a match with de Rivière. In the 7 June 1855 issue (p.643) he says that a new match started 'a few days back'. In the 28 June 1856 issue (p.715) he gives the final result of the two matches, +19-15=1 for Laroche. However, the 15 May 1856 issue of La Régence says that Laroche had been in Paris for a month and that the result of their 35 games, all played in the month of April, was +19-15=1 for Laroche. So if there was another match that started late in May or in June, it is not included in this score. Spinrad gives +3-2 for de Rivière but cites the Oxford Encyclopaedia of Chess Games, and so this is probably just the result for a few preserved games. Di Felice also gives +3-2 for de Rivière, probably from the same source, though this is not indicated.
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