Pindar, E.D. – Blackburne, J.H. 1861 (2)

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Blackburne, Joseph    2406 (51) 6/
Pindar, Eduard    2443 (45) 2/
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Manchester
Start date: Aug. 1861
End date: Sep. 1861
Hooper and Whyld say that the first Pindar-Blackburne match took place in July 1861 and that this second match took place 3 months later (i.e. Oct. 1861), but the Sept. 1861 issue of the Chess Player's Chronicle gives a partial result of +4-1 for Blackburne and says that the match is ongoing. The Era of 1 Sept. 1861 gives the result to that date as +4-1=2. The Field of 7 Sept. 1861 (information from Owen Hindle, via Tim Harding) gives the final result as +5-1=1, also given by Zavatarelli, but Harding's book on Blackburne, after a careful analysis of the available sources, concludes (on p.15) that the most likely score was +5-1=2, as given in Stanley's column in the Manchester Weekly Express and Guardian of 7 Sep. 1861. Harding's table of Blackburne's match results on p.509 gives the score as +5-2=1, but this must be taken simply as an unfortunate typographical error.
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