Stanley, C.H. – Schulten, J.W. 1844 (2)

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Stanley, Charles    2409 (49) 11.5/17 
Schulten, John    2344 (47) 5.5/17 
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: New York
Start date:
End date: 1844
Fiske, Walker (Bell's Life in London, 20 July 1845, p.2), Stanley (Spirit of the Times, 24 May 1845), Gilberg, Feenstra Kuiper and Di Felice give +11-5 for Stanley, but Fiske indicates that he doesn't know how many draws there were. Spinrad gives 11.5-5.5 from Schach Datenbank and points out that it is consistent with the 11-5 score given elsewhere if draws did not count. La Grande Storia degli Scacchi also gives 11.5-5.5. However, the Chess Player's Chronicle (1844, v.5, p.186) gives +11-4=1 for Stanley, as does Bell's Life in London (26 May 1844, p.2). Since Stanley must have known the score, and would not have been likley to attribute an extra win to his opponent, but since there seems to have been a draw, I will use +11-5=1.
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