Barmen 1905 (10)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Fink, E.    2086 (70) 3.5 /
Szekély, Jenö    2269 (49) 3 /
Kümmel, F. (2)    2064 (84) 1.5 /
Höing, Karl    1941 (102) 1 /
Schäfer, Emil    1897 (89) 1 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Barmen Tournament - Hauptturnier C, Section 2
Place: Barmen
Start date: 12 Aug. 1905
End date: 31 Aug. 1905
Di Felice identifies 'Fink' in this event as 'Fink, Adolf Jay', but he was an American player born in 1890. The tournament book (p.616) has 'Fink, E.'. The Deutsche Schachzeitung has E. Székely, but the tournament book (p.624) has 'Szekely, Jenó'. Gaige follows the Deutsche Schachzeitung, while Di Felice follows the tournament book. The tournament book has 'Höing, C.', who is probably Karl (or Carl) Höing, though his career began as early as 1860. Di Felice has 'Schaefer, Heinrich Max' here, but the tournament book has 'Schäfer, Emil'. It is not clear to me why Székely and Schäfer should have been playing in Hauptturnier C as well as in Hauptturner B, but the tournament book clearly indicates that this was so.
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Tournament information updated: 22 Jul. 2022