Manchester 1854

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Kipping, James    2345 (56) 1 /
Cohen, Sigismund    2075 (75) 0 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Manchester Club Tournament
Place: Manchester
Start date: 1854
End date: Mar. 1854
Only partial results available. The 19 Mar. 1854 (p.5) issue of the Era gives the game Kipping-Cohen (no handicap given), saying it was from a tournament at the Manchester Club. It was clearly not from the handicap tournament whose first round results are given in the 16 Apr. 1854 issue (p.5), because there Kipping was paired with Hirst and further rounds had not yet been played. According to the 12 Mar. 1854 issue (p.5), the tournament whose first round was reported in the 16 Apr. 1854 issue was the third tournament in a series of tournaments at the club. Kipping had won the first and had the advantage in the second tournament, which was still unfinished on 12 Mar. 1854. Thus, the game reported in the 19 Mar. 1854 issue was either from the first or second tournament. I am guessing that it finished in Mar. 1854, and that in each round, a single game was played between each pair of players, and thus that 1-0 was the result of the pairing Kipping-Cohen in the knockout tournament.
   [Era], vol. 16, no. 808, 19 Mar. 1854, page 5

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