New York 1874 (1)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games    Class 
Delmar, Eugene    2440 (42) 17 / 22 
Dill, S.R.    2246 (53) 16 / 25 
Merian, Albert    2206 (72) 12 / 25 
Barnett, James    2309 (49) 12 / 19 
Perrin, Frederic    2216 (46) 16 / 27 
Gilberg, Charles    2058 (96) 0 /
  Odds for class difference of 1: even
  Odds for class difference of 2: pawn and two moves
  Odds for class difference of 3: a knight
  Odds for class difference of 4: a rook
  Odds for class difference of 5: rook and move
  Odds for class difference of 6: rook and knight

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Brooklyn Club Handicap Tournament
Place: New York
Start date: Oct. 1873
End date: 4 Feb. 1874
This was a 16-player double round all-play-all, but many games were not played. The Brooklyn Review of 15 Feb. 1874 gives a full crosstable, given with a couple of corrections by van Winsen, but the odds classes of many of the players are not known, or not clear. Delmar gave a Knight to J.B. Muñoz, and Barnett gave Pawn and Two Moves to J.B. Muñoz, but Delmar and Barnett played even. So it may be that the first class was split into subclasses, Delmar playing even with others in the first class but giving stronger odds to those in classes below, but this is not clear. We know that Dill and Merian also played even with Barnett and so were also in the first class. We know that Perrin gave a Rook to Abrahams and Gilberg gave Rook and Move to Elwell, so it seems likely that Perrin and Gilberg were also in the first class, and that Abrahams was in a lower class than J.B. Muñoz and Elwell even lower (unless Gilberg was in the upper subclass of first class along with Delmar, but then Gilberg was nowhere near as strong a player). I have guessed, on the basis of the above reasoning, that the 6 players listed here were all in the first class, but have not included any of the others, whose odds classes are not clear. The other 10 players were W.W. Thayer, J.P. Phillips, L. Abrahams, J.B. Muñoz, M. Muñoz, W.B. Davis, J.D. Elwell, J.S. Turner, P. Worth, and N. Seaver.
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   [Alb], 1 Nov. 1873
   [Alb], 27 Dec. 1873
   [BrR], 8 Feb. 1874
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   [HWT], 15 Nov. 1873

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