Paris 1849 (9)

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
des Guis    2538 (56) 0 /
Guibert, A.M.    2309 (121) 1 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: 2nd Café de la Régence - Cercle de Paris match
Place: Paris
Start date: 22 Apr. 1849
End date: May 1849
Partial result only. According to the May 1849 issue of La Régence (v.1, p.156), the players for the Cercle des Echecs were Guibert, Pujol, Crampel, Lemaitre, Marguerite, Delondre, Lécrivain, Delannoy and de Vaufreland, but Delannoy's report in the July 1849 issue (v.1, pp.203-204) makes no mention of Delondre. Rather he indicates that aside from two replacement players, the team was the same as in the 1st Café de la Régence - Cercle des Echecs match, which consisted of 8 players, so perhaps inclusion of Delondre's name was an error. Delannoy's report also says that the Café team was the same as in the first match except for 3 replacements, so the team must have consisted of Saborio, Paulier, Warnet, Callaud, Preti, Guillaume, des Guis and Seguin. The only definite result that can be deduced from the report and other comments on the match is that Guibert won his game against des Guis. Either Guibert or Pujol must finally have defeated Saborio, but it is not clear which.
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