Grantham 1878 (2)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Marriott, Thomas    2211 (81) 8 /
Newham, William    2013 (46) 7 /
Rudge, Mary    2101 (48) 5.5 /
Mills, D. (1)    1864 (78) 5 /
Brown, E. (1)    1758 (75) 3 /
Timpson    1737 (102) 2.5 /
Field, Thomas    1712 (74) 2 /
Walton, T.    1802 (72) 2 /
Jackson, Harry    1872 (56) 1 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: 2nd Lincoln County Chess Association Meeting - 2nd Class
Place: Grantham
Start date: 31 Dec. 1877
End date: Jan. 1878
I have guessed at the identity of the player named only 'Field', and I have not been able to determine which 'Brown' played here (Zavatarelli has 'E. Brown' but I am not sure). I suppose that the 'D.G. Mills' listed in the Chess Player's Chronicle report is 'D. Mills' of Bradford and not 'D.Y. Mills', later of Scotland, but this could be wrong. Zavatarelli has 'G.E. Walton' playing here, but there was also a 'T. Walton' of Grantham who had played in Sheffield in 1875 and a 'Walton, of Grantham' who played in the 2nd class of the Lincoln County Chess Association Meeting of 1877, at Louth. Thus, it seems more likely to have been T. Walton here, rather than G.E. Walton. Finally, the Chess Player's Chronicle gives only the surname of the winner, 'Marriott', while the Westminster Papers give 'A. Marriott'. However, the 1 Mar. 1879 issue of the Westminster Papers (p.232), reports on a letter received from A. Marriott pointing out that it was his brother, T. Marriott who 'won the second class prize at the Counties Chess Association last year'. No player named Marriott played in the Counties Chess Association event in London in 1878, so this clearly refers to the second class tournament of the Lincoln County Chess Association Meeting in Grantham in 1878. Zavatarelli, in his biography of Arthur Towle Marriott (p.31), mentions this note in the Westminster Papers, but apparently missed the confusion about the name of the event and attributed the win at Grantham to Arthur Towle Marriott, instead of Thomas Walter Marriott.
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